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We are so excited about a new business adventure, “Visions Mastering and Mixing”.  Created by Tater Johnson and his Audio mentor, (and Sonic Jedi Master) Bruce Reiter.
Visions M&M gives bands or studios a chance to have some different hands and ears on their audio mixes and masters. Bruce and Tater have over 50 years experience combined in the music business from world tours, gold and platinum records, number one singles etc etc etc.
      Bruce is absolutely one of the best sound mixers in the music business and Tater is an excellent song writer, producer and mastering engineer.

Bruce will be mixing and Tater will be mastering your songs and helping you realize your artistic vision. Bruce and Tater have worked very closely on everything that Tatervision Records has recently released.

“I can honestly say Bruce has taught me more about mixing and audio than anybody has ever taught me in music.”

“Working with Tater creating great music has been a wonderful artistic experience, Taters excitement and love for music is contagious.”


“We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the mix returned to us on our newest single “Blind”.  
     “Bruce Reiter and Tater with Visions Mastering and Mixing are true professionals. They listened to everything we wanted, provided great feedback and worked with us to achieve the sound we could only dream of. We can’t wait to work with them again soon.”
(Boxcar Graffiti)


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If you have a band and have recorded your selves or operate a small studio that’s looking to level up with some real Pros to make it sound professional, let us help.
 You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So let us help you with our real world experiences and sonic knowledge. Who knows you might end up working with TaterVisionRecords.

Please understand there is a bit of an audition process

First and foremost the tracks have to be recorded correctly and be labeled correctly.

If you haven’t recorded your tracks up to our standards, we will let you know.

Don’t get mad, learn from it.

1. What DAW you are using?

2. Do you know how to make audio stems?

3. What are your sonic goals for the mix and master?

4. Have you labeled your tracks correctly?

5. Can you send us a rough mix of the song

6. Wrong or not label tracks will double or triple cost, so make sure they are correct.

If interested in getting a quote on leveling up your recordings contact us,

Visions Mastering & Mixing


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