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 TaterVision Recording Studio

TaterVision Studio is nearly 2000 square feet dedicated to recording and audio production. This big old house has super high ceilings and stands even higher on Jellico Mountain. Vocal booth, drum room, vintage guitars, amps, etc etc and plenty of space in a very unique experience of a recording studio. With a huge selection of gear and the top tier studio hardware that the pros use. Check out our gear list below. A studio built for a producer who for over 20 years has made a living playing music, writing and recording songs for major labels, from world tours, a gold record, VMA nomination, top 5/10 charting songs and even a number one "hit" song on his résumé on Active and Alternative Rock charts.
This is not a commercial recording studio. I am opening my doors to certain recording artists that aren’t on my record label after many inquiries about using my recording studio. There’s some studio rules to go over and a contract for both our protection. If interested just message. Payments are up front, half payment to hold the day, in full to get started.

TaterVision Recording Studio Rates (Non TaterVision Record Label Artists)

$300 an hour or $2000 for 8 hour day (when available) which includes:

1. Full recording studio access with over hundreds of thousands of dollars in pro level recording hardware and software.
2.  Full instruments access including vintage and modern guitars, bass, amps, pedals, multiple drum sets etc etc. hundreds of thousands of dollars in gear. Including access to full custom shop Ludwig 5 piece drum set in a drum room with 16 microphones set up and ready to track.
3. Includes a recording, mix engineer, and session musicians as needed. I am available for any session musician work at no extra cost.
4. Mixing and mastering are also available for any of the projects and will be determined at the end of the session with separate hourly rate.
5. This does not include producing or song writing, if interested in that, it can be determine depending on the session.
6. This is separated from the Tatervision Record label. Doesn’t include management, promotion, or distribution.



Amps and speakers:

Bogner ubershall head

2 Genz Benz Black Pearl 30 watt heads

2 1960b Marshall 4x12 cabinets (vintage 30s)

Marshall Origins 50 head

Mesa boogie dual rectifier (2 channel)

Fender super 60 watt all tube head (rca tubes)

Vox Ac 30 head

Epiphone valve junior head and 1x12 cab

Genz Benz Black Pearl 2x12 open back cab

Genz Benz closed back 2x12 cab

Ampeg 4x12 High watt speakers

Marshall valve state 4x10 cab

Genz Benz bass amp 

Fender showman one 15 bass cab

Fender pro junior guitar amp

Spectra 15 bass or guitar cab

Bolt electric black phantom all tube combo amp

Marshall old 1960 cabinet loaded with all different kinds of green, black, and silver back

Crate 2x12 amp 

Crate 65c amp

Vox Cambridge combo amp

1x8 Suitcase amp 


DarkGlass Preamp




Alesis Strike Pro SE Electronic drum set

Taylor 710 Brazilian Rosewood

12 String Fender acoustic

Epiphone Dot semi hollow

Gibson melody maker with hot rail

Gibson Les Paul custom 1983 (with Brent Hinds pickups from Brent hinds)

Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop Les Paul with active pickups 

Epiphone sg

Fender Kurt Cobain custom shop jaguar

Fender Marcus Miller bass

Sg style Fretless bass

Gibson Explorer Ex-2 

Gibson Les Paul standard

2 Fender Stratocasters

True Tone sg style electric 1960s

Fender 12 string acoustic 

1940 National resonator slide guitar

Gretch resonator guitar 

Gretch Hawaiian acoustic 

Gibson Angus Young sg

1975 Gibson Sg

Royer Banjo

Harmony mandolin

Lap steel 

Alesis 55 USB key midi controller

Fender jaguar baritone/bass 6


Lowery organ

1950s serenader parlor acoustic guitar

Small air organ 

Aspen acoustic guitar 

Eagle acoustic guitar (Granny Cates)

1925 Gulbransen piano

Custom order Ludwig 5 piece maple drums set
Orange county snare

Sp small drum kit

MEinl Benny Greb Sand Cymbal Set

3 string cigar box style guitar

Akai rhythm wolf drum machine

Trump acoustic guitar

Baritone Saxophone

Music Man Sting Ray Bass

Meinl Cymbals Byzance Vintage Benny Greb Sand Series Set




Control room:

Focal clear mg professional headphones

BetterMaker Mastering limiter

IGS Tubecore mastering Compressor

Dangerous Music convert 2 DA

Dangerous Music AD+

Dangerous Music Monitor ST controller

2 neve 542 Tape emulators

Neve 2264ALB Compressor

Slate Raven MTI core station desk

2 slate Raven mti touch screens

SSL Fusion

heritage Audio Symph mastering EQ

Rme Octamic II

audient ID44

 Focal Shape twin Monitors

2 KRK Rokit 10-3 G4 10 inch 3 way

Mac pro 3.2 16 core

Vintech dual 72 Microphone pre amp 

Universal Audio La 6-10 microphone pre amp

Burl audio B2 Bomber

Audient Asp 800 8 channel mic pre IO

Apogee Quartet

2 auratone 5C monitors WITH AMP

Yamaha mc series 2404 24 tracks analog mixer

Art Pro VLA II

Spl Vitalizer

Lindell Audio 77X Stereo Compressor

Warm Audio 1073eQ

Warm Audio ToneBeast





Slate VMS-1

Slate Vms-2




2 Sm7s

Cascade fat head

Shure drum pack

Royer Ribbon

2 SE voodoo VR2 active ribbon mics

Blue ribbon mic

Cascade condenser 

Genesis condenser 

One Heil vocal mic

2 Mxl condensers

Green bullet mic




Effects Pedals:

Tone bender fuzz 

Mxr distortion 

Ibanez tube screamer ts 808

Ibanez tube screamer ts 9 (Keeley mod) 

Ibanez tube screamer ts 9 

Electro harmonix B9 organ

Dan electro Rocky Road spinning speaker 

Electro Harmonix Small stone

Electro Harmonix RTG 

Boss ns2

(2) Way huge pork loin distortion 

Boss ph-3 phase shifter

Electro harmonix Small stone

Boss rv5 reverb 

Voodoo labs 4 way switcher

Morley ab box

Dunlop Hendrix wah

(2) Morley bad horsie wah

Line 6 echo park 

Joyo voodoo octave

Tc electronics ditto looper

Tomshoe Harmonizer pedal

Line 6 Roto Machine

Mxr carbon copy delay

Danelectro Dan Echo

Way Huge Aqua puss delay

Boss Super Octave Oc3

Electro harmonix stereo pulsar

Electro harmonix holy grail reverb

Digi design eleven rack 

Dod fx7 with expression pedal


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