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I have worked with multiple producers in the past and Tater is by far the most welcoming and made me feel right at home.  Tater took my music and production to the next level.  Having access to awesome gear for production is an awesome deal and it is all expertly used.  Great work ethic and attitude, it’s been a blessing to work with TVR!!  Recommend 100% Tater has gone above and beyond that of any producer and his label has been super helpful, encouraging, and supportive!

Tony "AC '83"

11/10!!! TVR goes above to ensure our songs are presented at the highest level of their potential. With professional equipment and a professional attitude, TVR is unparalleled! Tater’s unique perspective and background creates a studio experience unlike any other. We came to TVR looking for a place to record a few songs, but we found a home. Much love to Tater and our TVR family!

"Poor Poe"

I have nothing but the upmost respect for Tater, Tatervision Records, and everyone who works with Tater.

 Tater's involvement with everything from working with the artist to create the best music they can make, through the recording process, and all the way to distribution is second to none.  

Everyone at Tatervision Records is there to help the artist every step of the way. Tater is dedicated to the music and to the artist. 

If you are an artist and you want the world to hear the best of you then I would recommend Tatervision Records.

Dustin "The Major Resolve"


Highest quality music company with professional Equipment and Attitude.

 State-of-the-art production and results.

 Up-to-date marketing techniques and strategy with a personal  service and down home feel.

 Value added at every turn.

Robert "The Giant Stone"

Working with Tater Johnson was one of the best decisions We have made.  He worked with in preproduction until the song was the best it could be. His input was priceless.  After arriving at his studio I felt right at home. There was and is positive energy and encouragement through the entire experience.  After that Tater worked very hard on the final phase of the song.  I don’t know how it could have turned out any better.

Andy "Boxcar Graffiti"

I had a conversation with Tater and felt the Holy Spirit move. I went down to the mountains and was blown away by how easy it is to create inspired music with a top notch team of talented artists. Tater puts everything he is into helping the artists find their sound. He makes the magic happen!
Will "A New Path"

An experience I look forward to experiencing again and again. 

  Tater Johnson is an amazing, talented musician with a true passion for what he does. 

 It felt like we were home.

Scott "Boxcar Graffiti"

I loved working with Tater! I was super nervous about recording but he made it comfortable and was super laid back. I'm thoroughly happy with the outcome of the first song for The Somber Sky and plan to keep going with him. Def recommend for anyone wanting to start recording. No better time like the present!

Heather "The Somber Sky"

I would recommend this studio to anyone who is seriously pursuing a career in music. Tater’s professionalism, and passion for his artists are unparalleled to any other. His many years of experience in the music industry have equipped him with the proper skills and knowledge needed to assist other artists in their journey. My experience has been more than exceptional. It’s been an honor working with him, and I look forward to continuing making music with him.

Kara “The Stone Poets” 


Tater deserves all the stars!!

Tatervision records is the place to be. He cares about his artists and his passion is all things music. Tater is an amazing soul.

Thank you!!

Leya "Road to Clarksville"

I always have a great time recording with Tatervision. Very positive work environment that honors God. Tater has a Spirit of excellence on his work. highly recommend!!!!

Steve "Life Ambassador"

I cannot say enough about all the hard work that went into helping my son create his first album/cd, and the words “hard work” don’t even do it justice. Tater put a whole lotta care and LOVE into every part of this project, from fine tuning each track every step of the way down to adding his own amazing musicianship in all the right spots. Tater went above and beyond what any ordinary production engineer would do, never settling for mediocre. His years of experience in the music industry afforded the project so many benefits from start to finish. And his communication and response time was top notch, we knew what was going on every step of the way. The end product was incredible!

Laura "Zepko"

I came to Tater with a few lyrics and the will to sing and he helped me, not only to produce the beautiful music that would express my inner feelings, but to find the sound best suited for me while catering to my own vision. The experience I’ve gained from just working with him is alone worth the price I paid. I highly recommend anyone with a passion project at any stage to work with TaterVision Records!

Joe "Just A Faze"

Amazing work and well worth the money. a true visionary with a unique ear for your vision and potential.

Steve (Poor Poe)

TaterVision Records is simply The best of of the best!

Tony S.

An absolute must!! outstanding professionalism, impeccable service and very experienced. Bring your project here, you wont be disappointed.

Lara W.

Tater is worth every penny. He took a home recording demo/idea and turned into a totally pro song. He takes time to get it right, way more attention to detail and pride in his work than any other studio I have worked with. Just let him do what he does. He can get just as excited about your project as you when it starts coming to life. Great ear for what it can be, not just what it is when you first present to him. Total package from recording/producing to marketing and distribution. I cannot recommend Tater highly enough. We are doing an entire album after my experience working on our first single.

Jeff “The 5th of November”

Tater will handle your work, ideas, and projects with the utmost care. His production will take your cool song into the realm of a lasting memory. If you are making a single or record anytime soon, go with TaterVisions. As an artist, I understand sometimes its hard to let someone else into your creative world. After working with Tater all I can say is: suck it up, and let another perspectives into the mix. Tater’s perspective are refreshing yet recognizable, his work ethic would make most producers look lazy and he is genuinely interested in seeing you succeed. Him wanting me to succeed was the biggest thing to me. Many producers would take your money and $*&% something out, not caring about whether or not people would actually want to listen to it. He takes pride in his work and for that I am grateful. Ok, enough blah blah. Quit effing around and contact Tater, get your project going. 

Sebastian “Zepko”

I would recommend this studio to anyone that wants the best possible recording of your tunes ! I have had a lot of compliments for a job well done.  Believe me he would shock you when you hear a finished product ! He  definitely knows what he's doing in the recording field. You want a professional sound recording  , Tater is the man for the job. You'll walk away satisfied , you can believe that ! Just sayin' !!!!
E.J. Moore

Working with tater is such an exhilarating experience. His patience especially with someone with no experience is unmatched. He really does just like having fun with it. I would tell anyone looking to record to be a major hit or just wanting to  do something for themselves to check out TVR. I promise you'll be grateful you did with the end results!
 Jeremy (The Enoch Effect)

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