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I thank God every day for this crew, they all bring a fresh set of ears and ideas to every project that I work on. There is a lot of sonic wisdom in THE VISION CREW.

Bruce Reiter


Sonic Jedi Master

Bruce is one of best sound guys in the music business. I can honestly say I have learned more about mixing and mastering from him then anybody. We go way back to one of my first tours around 2007. He mixes for some of the biggest bands in rock and metal.

Steve J. Young


Lyrical Genius and Mixologist

Steve is no doubt the most creative lyricist that I have ever work with in all my years. So much that we started a band together a couple years back and have 2 full albums already completed. Hes an all around fantastic musician as well. He helps with every aspect of TaterVision Records

Lydia Barbour


Piano, Keys, and Vocals

Our Session piano/keys player and is absolutely one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever heard in my life, let alone  that I get to work with. Also an amazing backup vocalist and can put a harmony to anything.

Todd Bryant


Monster Session Drummer

I have known Todd for 20 years and he has been an amazing drummer that entire time. He played drums in "The American Plague" (some of my first ever productions). He is available for drum session in studio if need be.

R.J. Larz


Executive Producer and Mixologist

Me and R.J. met many years ago when I was touring and remained close ever since. He has a great sensibility for Rock Music and the guitar. Even this morning he told me the guitars on a mix were muddy.

Roy Helms


Videographer and Mixologist

R.T. runs TaterVision Media group and has an amazing gift for video. All my artist that make music videos only work with him. Also a very talented musician and audio engineer.

Dennae Kelly


Social Media and Mixologist

Deannae is the newest edition to the crew. She has a super picky ear and is vocal wizard, a great ear for how an artist is singing, breathing, etc. She helps a ton with social media and promoting TaterVision artists. She runs a handful of different pages with well over a million followers between them.

John Arfman

John Arfman


Harmonica and bluesman

Harmonica and bluesman

John is a legit bluesman with that harp. His knowledge of the blues is impressive but what he can add to a track is just amazing. His first session was on Dakota Shine and the Runners tune, "Can't get em back."

Sid Spiva


Pedal Steel Master

Sid and his custom pedal steel are both on the master level and I love working with such amazing artists. He adds so much to everything he plays but in way that is very tasteful. The Logan Mckeighen track "Indiana and me" turn out amazing because of Sid.

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