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is more than an independent record company, recording studio, song writing group, image consultants, graphic designers and group of outstanding musicians. It’s more. I’ve been in every seat as a musician, producer, and song writer. I’ve sold over a million units and have a gold record that’s led me to this next phase. I will figure out what your strongest trait sonically is and expand it into songs that are true works of art. I play every instrument, sing, and have countless credits to my name. I also have a crew of amazingly talented writers and musicians that I work with. While I help you level up to creating art that not only helps people but will last the test of time. This is just the beginning of this next step for me. Ive always loved all styles of music and have different projects going in just about every genre there is with more signing up everyday. 

Its not about just hitting record, its about producing your songs Into hooks that dig in and never let go.           


      With the modern world of music you need visual representations of the sounds that I help you create. I started TaterVision Media Group with experts in the music video feild. We use top of the line cameras and have a crew to fit any shoot. The most important thing is editing and our main editor is the best i have ever worked with, I literally let him do his thing and it is always better than anything i could have envisioned.



      Ive been an active working musician since 2004, have over million units sold, a gold record, countless top 10 radio singles, and countless video shoots. Even one that led me to the VMAs in 2006 as a nominee. I've been Around the world 6 or 7 times playing in exotic places as South Korea, Tasmania, Australia, Japan, Europe and rocked millions of faces for well over a decade. I’ve lived it. Only thru bad management and horrible business decisions did this band not become as big as they should have. I’ve seen every mistake a band or artist can make because I’ve watched it from the inside. That’s knowledge you can’t learn in any classroom. 

I don’t run a clock like most recording studios. I charge by the song or album. I work on it until it’s right. Most studios don’t care about it being good, they run the clock on you then ask for more time or money to finish it, I don’t. I stay busy so I don’t have time to waste trying to milk a dollar out of an artist. I won’t release anything until I believe it’s perfect or as good as we can get it. I spend all this time on it because I want you to go on and make a living in music, like I did and do. 

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