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Hailing from their home state of Illinois, Boxcar Graffiti is a powerhouse trio that can electrify the stage with their passion and technique; and rumbling the crowd with the tones and sound that can be none other than Boxcar Graffiti.
When you think of family bands you may think of large groups from long ago or the cute married couples that tour together, but
Boxcar Graffiti is not your typical family band. With frontman Tristen pouring vocal melodies over his slamming guitar riffs, and screaming guitar solos impressive enough to make seasoned players lift a brow, backed by the sweet crunchy rumble from his father, bassist and backing vocalist, Andy and driven by the intricate precision and slick stick style of Andy’s brother, drummer and backing vocalist, Gary. Their energy is infectious and their chemistry is unmatched, they truly are a force to be reckoned with.


"I knew from the first note I heard that I wanted BOXCAR GRAFFITTI on TaterVision Records. Even their early demos were great, as I have been writing and recording music for years as a founding member of 10 Years, I know potential when I hear it. These guys have it and “The Price” is their strongest single to date. We bring them to play with us all the time in Knoxville, TN"

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