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At Vision Music Consultation we offer an honest voice to those who have a passion for music. I’ve spent over 20 years in the music business. Countless world and national tours, a number one song, top 5-10 charting billboard songs and even a VMA nomination. Because of this I even bought my first home at age 26. Today I still make royalties from making music.   

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I retired from touring years ago and I have gone on to run a successful recording studio and an independent record label. I have sat in just about every single musical chair that there is in this industry. The consultation will help grow you as a musician and an artist. This constructive feedback is from a person who continues to make a living well after the glitz and glamor of the rockstar lifestyle was over.

An one hour zoom call, or whatever kind of call you prefer, is $200. Consultations can include, but not limited to, advice about your music production, recording quality, recording techniques, songwriting and/or arrangement, or the route that you or your band is taking to accomplish your goal in this industry. If you want my honest opinion, click the link below and we will contact you afterwards. Serious inquiries only please. Thank you.

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