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"Tater has the gift needed to put the finishing touches on your mix. He is very mindful with what he does and is 100% in contact with you during the project. I never once had to worry if he had my best interests at hand. I am so very glad I chose to work with Tater and I feel like I have a new friend."

Jon Huether
Fire On The Horizon

      We have made the switch to analog mastering. I come from the old school and love what analog gear brings to the digital world.  The updated analog mastering chain is around $20k in hardware....

1. Dangerous music DA
2. Heritage Audio Symph BAX EQ
3. SSL Fusion

4. IGS Tubecore Mastering Compressor
5. Stereo Neve Tape emulator 542s
6. SPL Vitalizer
7. SSL G Bus Compressor
8. BetterMaker Mastering Limiter
9. Dangerous music AD+

10. Lindell Audio 77x500

Mastering is the polish on a mix. There is an absolute art to it. Mastering a bad mix will not fix the mix. We also offer mixing services at a different rate. If interested in having your music mastered by TSM please send a message (see below).

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